When I think of the first impression of a home, my mind goes straight to the entryway. Some might think that the front yard is the first impression, and it may very well be to a passerby. Personally though, I believe that to a guest of your home, the entryway is the very first impression. […]

Some people don’t know this, but I dabbled in real estate sales right after college. I loved the idea of real estate and I obviously loved looking at the homes. I would wander through each property and day dream about what I would change, what walls I would knock down, and how I would decorate. […]

Continued from A Day on the Lake – Part One… After a lunch break and a short drive across to the other side of the lake, we arrived at this gorgeous home. Located right on the west shore of Lake Almanor, this home was completely remodeled and decorated by Nantucket Home, Inc. The entire home […]

On our drive up to two beautifully designed and decorated lake homes, we talked about family, friends, celebrities, design and more. Rick, one of the owners of Nantucket Home, Inc. told funny stories as he drove, and his copilot, Nan, the other half of Nantucket Home, Inc. told us about their years in Lake Almanor. […]

A good friend of mine works for one of the biggest interior design firms in Chico – Nantucket Home, Inc. She reached out to me last year to shoot the interiors of a few of her design projects. Ever since, I’ve been photographing most of the finished projects for the whole firm. Nantucket Homes, Inc […]

This gorgeous home was inspired by the clients’ many trips to Morocco. They go a few times a year and bring back interesting and beautiful pieces every time. They even brought back the giant hutch in the middle of the room that houses their TV, but also doubles as a huge piece of art. The […]

When I walked into this space, I knew exactly how I wanted to shoot it. Look at that gorgeous bed just sitting so perfectly. Everything looked amazing straight on. The designer made this master bedroom a grown woman’s dream space. Look at that hot pink chair and zebra bench!! Perfection!






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