The First Impression

When I think of the first impression of a home, my mind goes straight to the entryway. Some might think that the front yard is the first impression, and it may very well be to a passerby. Personally though, I believe that to a guest of your home, the entryway is the very first impression. When I think of the feelings an entryway should evoke, I think inviting, welcoming, comforting, and delighting to the eye. As well as, different, exciting, individual, and unique.

I’ve slowly been working on my own entryway (hence the word association game above). It’s a tough process for me to decide on decor. I want things that are interesting and meaningful but also available and affordable…it’s always either a painstaking year looking for something, or a hasty decision that could go either way once home. But enough about my indecisive internal decorating struggle. Here are a few of my favorite entries I’ve shot for clients over the past year that will hopefully inspire you and me!

Designed by Nantucket Home, Inc. Photography by Lindsey King Photography




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