The Big ONE

It’s crazy how busy life gets after kids. There’s school, sports, dance classes, kids’ friends, playdates, etc. And if you have friends with kids that are even slightly older or younger than yours, then you can bet that their activities and schedules are completely different from yours. All this to say, it’s really hard to see friends and their kids. Unless you’re a photographer and you have awesome friends who you can also call clients! I love that I get to see my friends and their children grow through my lens. It allows me time with them that I would never normally experience.

This week I was able to see a friend and her family for her son’s first birthday pictures – The Big ONE! Such a fun birthday, as far as I’m concerned. At one, they’re just starting to understand so much more and their sweet little personalities are really starting to take shape. And this little guy’s personality is just the best! He was all smiles and happy faces for his big birthday photoshoot (and pretty much every time I see him). I’m so grateful for clients like these. Happy Birthday, Mason!



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