Fairway Drive Remodel

When I walk into a space to photograph, I almost always spend the majority of my time in the first room I’m shooting. There are typically a few reasons for this: One is that I’m just getting warmed up for the day. Two, it’s the favorite room of the designer, therefore, we start at the top. Three, the light is perfect in that room at the start of the shoot and I try to soak up as much of it as possible. For whatever reason, I always spend the most time in the first space and this whole house remodel was no exception – I think I spent almost an hour in this magazine-worthy master bathroom. Just look at those cabinets, that floor, that marble tile, those fixtures… I could go on but I’ll just let you see for yourself. A job amazingly well done by designer Lauren O’Donnell of Lauren O’Donnell Interiors.


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