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Toward the end of last year, and over the course of about a month, I heard the same thing from at least four different people. “You HAVE to meet Tami Faulkner; you would LOVE her.” I didn’t know Tami at the time, but clearly, I HAD to meet her.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach Tami. She’s pretty intimidating when you look at her beautifully curated Instagram account with over 12,300 followers, or her perfectly put together blog, White Pencil No. 2 with not only design posts, but also gift ideas, book suggestions, travel advice, etc. But I knew I HAD to meet her.

It was pure luck when I told my husband about Tami and he recognized her name. He had grown up with her son, making a perfect reason to reach out and say hello. And man, am I glad I did! Tami’s not only a talented designer with an insane eye for spacial planning and execution, but also a warm, generous, and all around super cool person.

Here are some shots of Tami’s gorgeous Northern California property/home/design studio that she’s putting on the market this month. Her new design studio will be located in Roseville, California – if you’re in the area and need design help, give Tami a call!



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