Over the past year, I’ve consciously shifted my photography business from portrait photography over to almost all interiors photography. That’s not to say I don’t still love doing portrait sessions, it’s just not my main focus right now. But this time of year, the blossoms are insanely beautiful so I wanted to keep my schedule […]

Since February is known as the month the love, it seems fitting to be posting about this adorable couple. Mike and Kaylee’s engagement session in Upper Bidwell Park was perfect. It was the first beautiful day we had seen in quite a few weeks and when they showed up, they were dressed perfectly for the […]

When I pulled up to my clients’ beautiful home for their family portrait session, their three adorable dogs bounded up towards my car – one even jumped in! It was with that same energy that the three children came out with to play with the dogs and have their pictures taken. We started in their […]

A man and all his ladies right here. This sweet family just welcomed their second baby girl into the world and she couldn’t be more adorable. Bringing home a new sibling for first children can be so hard at the start but it’s so great to watch their relationship blossom over the first few months. […]

I’m absolutely loving this stage of life. Do I miss having alone time and being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want? Sure, all the time. But these children that I get to call mine are becoming tiny, functioning humans, and it’s amazing. They’re so sweet and fun and I just love watching […]






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